Employee Tracking Solution




Employee Tracking Solution helps to manage your employee by real-time tracking on day activities like attendance, calls recording, day visits, GPS Location, Talk-time, Prospect contacted and much more. It provides actionable data driven insights who helps to improve and execute the team in your tele calling and field operations. Its effective Call Recoding Solution on mobile. 

Employee Tracking Solution is a SAAS (Software as a service) you only need to pay only charges against what you use. It’s a very simple mobile application which connected to Web App. for tracking and reporting at a glance. Manager can assign, schedule and reschedule the tasks as per employees.

Why is it so great?

Built-in project management
for your team

DashboardTrack team performanceCount of Incoming calls,outgoing calls, Missed calls with hourly and day wise initiatives. Calls bifrication in seconds formatting. Call DetailsTrack call detailsAll detail will helps to track the each call (Incoming,Outgoing, Missed) handled by team with timestamp and recording play optionCall RecordingsListen Call recordingsWith Call Recording you can listen any call made by team member from anywhere with filter of region, call status, duration, and date & time

Our Solution

Mobile app for call handling

Productiivty reports for better outcomes

Monitor team

Perform inbound and outbound calling

Key Features

All Call Recordings

Record your all incoming & Outgoing Calls from anywhere.

Communicate via Chat

Chat directly with employee whose going to visit.

Live Location Tracking

Track your employee real-time and his day route.

Field Visit Schedules

Track & Schedule the visit of your Field Employee.

Mini CRM

Make entry of prospect manually OR excel upload and track the status of each one.

Works Offline, as well

internet issue ? No worries, our application works offline as well.


Notify your employee for overdue, Followups, new allocated prospect.

Dynamic Reports

Dynamic report of attendance, Prospect status, Call details, Hourly Report & more.